Friday, December 13, 2013

Brian O'Driscoll.

Brian O’Driscoll?... If you don’t know who that is, he is the outside centre for the Ireland rugby union team and also their captain. He was born in January the 21st 1979 and now he is at the age of 34 and still playing professional rugby for his country. O’Driscoll made his International rugby debut for Ireland in 1999 against Australia in Ballymore Stadium in Brisbane.

  O’Driscoll is the second most capped player in rugby union history. He has had 128 games for Ireland (83 as captain), and 8 for the British and Irish Lions. He holds the Six Nation record with the most scoring 26 tries. This centre is so stunning that he was chose to be the Player of the tournament for the 2006, 2007 and 2009 Six Nation Championship. The Six Nation comp has the 6 teams. Ireland, France, England, Italy, Wales and Scotland.

  Brian O’Driscoll known as the number 1 centre in the world to have ever played the game of rugby union.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook reflection 2013.

 Having this opportunity with my netbook has been significant this year. Connecting to the internet has helped me a lot because it makes things easy to access. This learning tool has also helped me improve in my subjects, especially in maths. Xtramath has got me far in terms of my basic facts. Xtramath?.... If you don’t know what that is, it is a maths programme that can help you gain confidence in your quick basic facts. The fastest time that the question’s will appear on your screen is 1.5 seconds. Without connection I wouldn'’t be able to access maths programme’s and improve in them.

   Math whizz is another math programme that helps me see which things in maths I understand and what I don’t understand. My teacher has made a next step presentation for every student in the class to help them if they are stuck and need strategies. But it is my responsibility to go on and follow the links if I want to accelerate and learn these new strategies.

   Out of class I really love going on rugby sites and just read information about a rugby team or a rugby player. I go on rugby sites because I love playing sport and grew up playing rugby.     

My highlight's of the year.

This year has been a great year for me competing in different sports. Sport’s has been my favourite highlight of the year because I love playing and enjoying sport with my mates. The best sport event that I have competed in this year was the Auckland champs Rugby League tournament in Cornwall Park. Unfortunately we finished 3rd overall but we tried our best.

   Having the opportunity to use netbooks as our learning tool has been awesome. With this learning device I think I have improved in my subjects. I love using this learning tool for maths because it helps me a lot to improve my quick basic facts on xtramath and other things on maths whizz.

    My favourite highlight about camp was going on the Luge rides. It was my favourite because I got to race against my mates and have a lot of fun. Laughing on my way down hill, Starford was trying to ram into me. It ended up the other way around me ramming into Starford and making him crash.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keswick Camp.

      Tuesday the 3th of December, year 8 student's from Point England School headed off to Rotorua for our camp. It was about a 4 hour drive to our location by bus. We arrived at(Keswick)the camp site at 2 o'clock.

    My favourite highlight about camp was going on the Luge rides. It was my favourite because I got to race against my mates and have alot of fun. Laughing on my way down hill, Starford was trying to ram into me so I can crash. However, it ended up the other way around me ramming into Starford.

  The lowlight for me was going on long walks up the mountain. It was so tiring that I gave up walking. But the only thing I enjoyed about it was walking with my mates, singing songs and telling good riddles.





Monday, December 2, 2013

Interzone Athletics Day.

On Friday the 29th of November, athlete’s from our school and from Tamaki Primary headed off to Lloyd Elsmore Park in Pakuranga to compete in the inter zone athletics. The events that I was in was the 100m, 200m and the boys relay.

   We had a few helpers that came along with us to help out. They were (Miss V), Miss Va'afusuaga, Miss Takere, Lorenzo, Ryan and the Tamaki Primary sport co-ordinator. It was going to be a tough day I thought to myself.

   It was about time for me to make my way to the start line as I was getting ready to race in the boys 200m final. In the final I knew a couple of boys that I am mates with from other school’s. READY SET GO! running in lane 1, I was trying to beat my opponents. With 50 meters left I was coming 6th place until 20 metres to go I overtook a Saint Kent's boy and finished 5th place.

   At the end of the day I was proud of my results.

Te Reo Mihimihi.

Kia Ora tatou
greeting to us all

kua tae mai nei
who have arrived here

ki tenei wahi
to this place

ki te kawe mai
to bring

i te aroha
the love

ka nui te koa
great is the happiness

mo to koutou kaha
for your support

ki te aro mai
in attending

ki te awhina
to support/help

i nga korero
the discussions

e pa ana ki tenei hui
concerning this gathering

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations.

Last Thursday there were some special guests who came over to our school to explain what they do and to inspire us. There were 5 guests, Mosa Mafileo, Emma Brown, Tristan Pang, Aysha Hohaia and Caine Warren. Mosa Mafileo the 18 year old inspired me the most out of all the five. His job got me very interested in because he was the Junior adviser for the Auckland Mayor Len Brown.

   My future aspiration is to become a rugby star and to be a mechanic person. The goal I would hope to achieve out of the two would be to become a rugby star but if I don’t make it my backup plan is to be a mechanic person. To achieve my goal of being a rugby star is to work hard and to be determined.

   Waata’s future aspiration is to be a game programmer  His one and only goal is to become a Video game programmer. Waata would like to work for Infinity Ward to make games like Call of Duty. He want to go to university to study computer science and mathematics. Making a game that people can enjoy and have fun on, is what I want to do for others.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Maths DLO. Add/Sub Year 8 Strategy 1

2.44 + 3.09 =

What I did to solve this problem was I subtracted .09 from the 3.09 to make a tidy whole number. So the 3.09 becomes a 3, then I move on to 2.44 and add the .09 that I took away from the 3.09 and the 2.44 becomes 2.53 and when I add the 2.53 and 3 altogether I have a total answer of 5.53

Michael Jordan DLO.

W,K,S DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

   The purpose of our DLO was to show the awesomeness of Michael Jordan. We were trying to achieve the maximum potential with a movie about  Michael Jordan when he did the free throw line dunk in a slam dunk competition.

   Positives was we finished our DLO on time, did a animation of Michael Jordan doing a slam dunk and Waata having a clear voice when doing the voice over. One positive was that we really worked well together when we had to finish the animation. We were proud of our DLO but we think we could've done better.

   There were quite a few things that we needed to work on to improve our movie. What let us down was that we didn't have enough details in our animation. The part where Michael Jordan was going for the slam dunk was a little too slow, and the time being animated in the background was too slow. We had different sized people (not in proportion). Last but not least we would've made it better by talking a bit more about the actual event which was about Michael Jordan doing the slam dunk.

  We had some interesting things with our DLO that we were happy about. The interesting was we showed the awards that he achieved in the sport of basketball. Another thing was that we had a mixture of animation, images and a video clip of Michael Jordan doing a free throw line dunk.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Maths DLO #2

For maths I am creating a DLO that shows that I understand my group strategy and that I am ready to move on.

   The question is. There are 563 sweets which need to be shared equally between 7 jars. What is the maximum number of sweets that can be placed in every jar ?

How many jellybean's will be left over ?...
So to start off I say how many times does 7 go into 5 which is 0, then I move on and ask myself how many times does 7 go into 56, well I already know that it is 8 because 7x8 is 56 so I put down 8 and move on. Last but not I figure out how many times does 7 go into 3 which is 2 because 3x2 is 6 with 1 left over and I use the 1 left over as a remainder.

   So the total answer I came up with was 82 r1.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rainbow Warriors.

One breezy night while the Greenpeace activists were celebrating a birthday party, underneath the ship were two suspicious spies planting 2 limpet bombs. Suddenly out of nowhere boom ! the Rainbow Warrior ship was completely filled with water as it tilt to one side which killed 1 crew member.

   The french spies chose to explode the Rainbow Warrior so they can stop protesting about the nuclear testing. It was the french government that ordered these two spies to go on a mission on an undercover operation to plant the limpet bombs in the Rainbow Warrior boat.

   In French Polynesia, France was testing their nuclear weapons in Tahiti and New Caledonia to see how they worked and the various conditions. When they were testing the them the radiation of the nuclear bombs were effecting the people around that area by getting cancer.

My Maths DLO 2013.

 I am going to explain to you a quick strategy of what I’m thinking about this word problem. As you can see it say’s that 6 people need 24 marbles to play a game at school. How many marbles will be needed if 8 people play the game?.

 Well my strategy to solve this problem is to draw a line on a piece of paper and write people on top which equals to 6 and marbles on the bottom of the line which equals to 24, so then it becomes 6/24 and on the other side of the line put down 8 with an question mark because that’s the second question which is how many marbles will be needed if 8 people play the game?.
   Then I figure out what times 6 to get 24 which is 4 then times 4 again to the 8 on the other side to get a denominator which is 32.

   So the final answer for how many marbles will be needed if 8 people play the game is 32 marbles.


Monday, August 19, 2013

My Next Step.

For maths, individually we had to choose an area around maths to help us accelerate and learn new strategy’s. So for the area for maths I chose decimals, percentages and fractions. I chose this area specifically because I know for myself I kind of struggle around these areas. So I am going to try my best to focus and pick up some good strategy’s.

Here are some video’s to help you with some strategy’s about decimals, percentages and fraction.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Maths Goal For Next Term.

Maths isn't what I'm good at, but I'm going to try to improve to get better next term which is term 3. My maths goal would be about subtractions. I chose subtractions because I always have trouble working with them in a programme called xtramaths, and being able to know them. On xtramaths I am on subtraction 1.5 second recall. I am having a lot of trouble doing this but to improve I need to be able to stay on task, be focus and practice a lot and learn new strategies.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Samuela/ James Rock Climber/Success.

For literacy with Miss Squires we had to partner up with a buddy and write 3 paragraphs about rock climbing.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Protein Song.

Today, my friends and I created a song. The lyrics we came up with were about protein. We sang it to a song called 'Beautiful by Miguel and Mariah Carey. These are the lyrics that we came up with. Hope you like it.

You  know.... you need protein,
Many foods contain protein...
but the best sources are... beef and dairy products.
ohhh ohhh.

Protein builds,and replaces the tissues in your body.
With Muscles like that
Oh, you’re killing me.

Oh you’re Healthy...And you know you are, yeahh
You’re healthy.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Rewena Bug.

Here’s a link for more information.

-1 medium sliced potato
-2 cups of flour                
-1 teaspoon of sugar
-lukewarm water, on hand

Step 1.

Slice medium potato and put it in a pot with 1 cup of water, when boiling, put lid and leave until cooked.

Step 2.

Our class, room 22 are studying the Rewena bread and the bug. To make a rewena bread you have to grow or make a bug. I bet you your thinking about a bug in your garden, well no. I will be explaining to you how to make one. We have found this awesome site called curious kai, which will tell us how to make a Rewena bread. Thanks to curious kai’s recipe.

The Ingredients you will need is:
-1 medium sliced potato
-2 cups of flour
-1 teaspoon of sugar
-lukewarm water, on hand/ if you dont no what lukewarm means, it means warm water. ex: babies bath water should be lukewarm.

The first step to making a bug you have to slice your potato and put it in a pot with one cup of water, when boiling put a lid over it and leave it until the potato is cooked. Leave it in a pot until it’s warm and don't empty the water. Mash it all up. Step 2 add your 2 cups and 1 teaspoon of flour and sugar after mashed and warm. Mix until it's all combined like a pancake type of texture. If the mixture gets dry add warm water. Lumps are going to appear but don't worry because they disappear later on. Pour your mix into really clean big enough jar making sure theres enough space for it rise like a cake as you cover with a lid loosely. Store into a warm dry place. After a day or so it will need to have something to eat so put in a teaspoon of sugar and a half of cup of warm water. Once it starts to rise its time to make your bread.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Huge Tornado In Oklahoma.

On Tuesday the 20th a massive tornado hit the US in the city of Oklahoma City. Many residents that lived in Oklahoma city didn't expect this Tornado to happen. This Tornado was 1.6km wide when it hit this city and destroyed many homes. This Tornado was so dangerous that 145 people were injured including 70 children. I chose to write about this article because I was interested in how big this Tornado was.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Explain Ready Task, Dehydration.

Will.I.Am Story.

Our school is full of guesses wondering who is coming to give us and all the other Manaiakalani cluster schools a koha. I really hate guesses but I think it is going to be Stan Walker or Mr tall Jacobson. The reason why I thought it was Stan Walker and Mr Jacobson is because our principal said that it was someone good at singing and that inspires singing. But as soon as I saw all of the cameras I knew it wasn't Mr J or Stan and knew straight away it was someone really famous.

Waiting and waiting for this celebrity that we thought was coming, we were surrounded with media cameras in every directions.

Full with excitement hearing that a famous singer was coming to donate us this big koha. “It was my lucky day” I thought. Sitting there thinking to myself, who could it be ?... But the first singer that popped into my mind, that I thought was coming was Asap Rocky.

Suddenly Mr Burt was ready to announce who this celeb was going to be.  As soon as he pronounced he was a one of the Black Eye Peas Band, straight away I clicked in my head it was going to be Will. I. Am.

Filled with happiness as Will.I.Am set foot in our school hall, crowded with Pt England students. Will.I.Am said he was going to give us a koha to help out the manaikalani cluster with our education. We were surprised when he said he was going to give us a 100,000 dollar check.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Character Description About Waata.

Waata is not tall, he’s also not short. He’s just right and quite round. He has short hair that is quiet similar as Sonny Bill Williams. He is kind of fat with a big build, but in time, he hopes to get rid of his quarter pounder meaning flabs and get a 6 pack upgrade.
Waata is a caring guy and likes to help little kids when they are in trouble. He is a funny person to be around because he is jolly happy most of the time, but if you make him angry he would RUMBLE at you as if your his arch enemy and I bet it would quiet frightening and scary. The thing I like about hanging around with Waata is hearing his funny jokes and have good a laughter. He shows he is really intelligent by playing very well in his league club.
The thing Waata likes to do is play on his PS3 console with his older brother, also he likes doing sports like playing touch with his neighbours around his hood. Another thing Waata likes to do is play his favourite sport, rugby league. It is his favourite sport because he plays for Ellerslie Eagles and he has played for a pretty long time.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crusaders VS Hurricanes 2013.

Both teams, Crusader and the Hurricanes getting ready to give it their best in front of millions of fans. It was an important game for the Hurricanes skipper Conrad Smith because it was a home game for them and it was a must win to make their fans proud including me because I support the Hurricanes on that night. It was going to be a clash of the fall between these two  Super 15 teams. Finally time has come as the two fierce looking teams ready to run out of the tunnel. Flags were been raised high in the air when the two teams came out.

Now it was time to get into a game of footy for what the crowd came to see. The crowd was excited because now it was game time. This is going to be a clash and a battle to death as the Crusaders take on head to head against the Wellington Hurricanes.

It was a fantastic game  try after try between both teams as the supports were nail biting hoping to see the team they bet on won. As the game carried on I was getting angry because the Hurricanes always knocked on the ball and it was very frustrating.

One the second half I was too glad to see the Hurricanes carve up meaning they managed to put together and scored tries. It wasn’t enough tries for the Hurricanes to get back in the lead so they kept on battling. With 10 minutes left of the game the Hurricanes were behind the Crusaders  22 to 28.

It was game that came down to the wire. I felt stink because with 5 minutes left Crusaders were attacking and I for me I thought to myself Hurricanes were going to lose. Crusaders were hanging in there to keep the ball alive until the end of the game to take the victory, until five eighth Dan Carter went to pass the ball to fullback Israel Dagg, and out of nowhere the winger for Hurricanes Alapati Leiua intercepted that ball from the 40 meter mark and sprinted and scored under the post.

I was so relieved when Hurricanes scored that wonderful try.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Simile And Metaphor.

As you can see Tana, Lave, Dillon and I made a little presentation about Similes and Metaphors. Hope you enjoy our little presentation.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Show Not Tell.

I was sweating, the drips falling down my face as if it was raining. I felt like I was in a BBQ    being sizzled like a steak. The temperature was so high that my skin was starting to peel off slowly also getting boiled up from the steaming sun. Steaming like a train running on the track every hour every second of the day. Can’t stand the heat I could  just dip my body into freezing water.

Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Writing Test.

This morning we all completed our first Writing sample for 2013. I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given, so that throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my Writing. I will post me learning goals from this soon.

Title: The Lost Lunch Box..

One rainy morning Sarah and Dan were going to make their debut at a primary school called Beach Bay Primary, not far from where they had lived. Arriving at the school Dan said “I am so keen to start as a new entrance to meet and make good friendship with others”, then Sarah replied “Oh that's wonderful Dan, I’m so looking forward for this new school too. I’m sure will have a great and fun year !”, “You bet” said Dan.

Kisses on both cheeks of Sarah and Dan's mother, Rachel as she was yelling from great distance “HAVE A GREAT DAY” ! to Sarah and Dan as they were heading towards the front gate. As quickly as they could, Dan and Sarah was sprinting as if they were competing in a 100 meter run, running to see their new school.

During school Dan and Sarah were having a fabulous time meeting new people and making good friendship. As soon as the bell rang for interval, Dan and Sarah went out to the hall way to get their morning tea. As Sarah opened her bag she noticed that something was gone missing, it was her lunch box. She asked Dan “Dan have you seen my lunch box ?” Dan replied “no, whys that ?” Then Sarah spoke up in a very firmly toned voice “Because its gone missing !” Suddenly Dan was filled up with such anger when Sarah said her lunch box was missing.

It was a huge problem for Sarah because from now and then she had nothing to eat. Then Dan asked the teacher if she saw a pink lunch box, then the teacher “Sorry Dan no I haven’t seen a pink lunch box but I’ll help you get some lunch for Sarah to eat until we find her lunch box”. So the teacher Miss Helen went to the office and asked for a chicken roll and a milkshake for Sarah.

Sarah was pleased and happy eating her morning from Miss Helen. “Thank you !” Miss Helen as Dan and Sarah said to Miss Helen in a thankful voice. It “OK !” replied Miss Helen.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Math - Great At...

 I hope you enjoy my little presentation about what find easy on Math Whizz.


Doing touch drills was really fun, learning the skills of touch. One of the drills was one group defend and the other attack, and I was on the defending side. Running as fast as I could huffing and puffing, trying to defend the opposition as hard heavy sweat dripping down my face.
Sweat dripping down towards my eyes as I couldn’t barely see to what was happening but I managed to get there. Collapsing on the floor as I was so exhausted after that challenging drill.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bio Poem.

Lover of my family, sports and food.

Who feels excited when playing sports, hearing funny jokes and kicking back with mates.
Who has been to Tonga and Australia.
Who needs to play sport every day with friends.
Who fears Sharks, crab sized spiders and snakes.

Who would someday like to go explore the White House in America with Barrack Obama.
Who could've met Biggie smalls, Tupac and Michael Jackson.
Who dreams of staying in 50 cent house with the G- Unit clan and being a rugby superstar.
Who values my family, friends and mates.
Resident Of Panmure.
Samuela Fonua.

I am Presentation.

As you can see this is a little presentation about my self and some interesting facts. Hope you enjoy it !!.

NRL All Star Against The NRL Indigenous Side.

Both teams, NRL All star and the NRL Indigenous getting ready to give it their best in front of millions of fans, playing in Suncorp Stadium in Sydney. It was an important game for both teams
because they were playing in front of their fans, so they wanted to impress them. It was also a clash between the coaches of both teams, Wayne Bennett of the All Star team and Craig Bellamy from the Indigenous side.

The All Star team is represented by the 16 clubs in the NRL tournament. They are called the All Star team because they pick very talented players from each team in the 16 teams. The Indigenous side represent the Aboriginals, which some players from the 16 teams are picked from, that are Aboriginals.

Kiwi Skipper Benji Marshall leading out the All Star team and Skipper Jonathan Thurston also leading his side the Indigenous. As the Indigenous side were coming out of the dark tunnel, fans screaming for their favourite team. While they were running out, NRL hall of fame Preston Campbell hosting the Indigenous side as he was playing the Didgeridoo.

Getting ready for kick off, five eighth benji marshall kicking the ball for the Indigenous side to receive the ball.

The game went on very well until the danger man, Ben Barber from the Indigenous side scored a hat trick in the first half.

In the second half the Indigenous side were on fire scoring another 4 tries, making the Indigenous side way ahead of the NRL all star. With 20 minutes left of the game the NRL all star scored a try leaving the final score of all stars with 6 points and the Indigenous side with 32 points, WHAT HIDING !!!.

All Star vs Indigenous Highlights.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Goals For 2013.

This year, 2013, my goals are to improve in my writing, maths and reading. My new class teachers are Mr Bark and Mrs Nua. Mr Barks is really good at maths, and Mrs Nua is really good at reading and writing, so I am quiet happy with my new class for 2013.

To achieve my goals I would have to keep on task, concentrate and listen to what my teacher, Mr Barks and Mrs Nua tells me to do and also use the time effectively that I am given.

My goals in writing is to write at least 4 to 5 paragraphs as a year 8 student at Pt England School. Another goal for me in writing is to use punctuation in my writing, also use very good vocabulary to make my writing sound interesting and to hook my audience in. I know for me writing is the most hardest subject in school, but I’m going to give it my best effort.