Monday, March 26, 2012

My Camp Highlight.

Camp was a really good opportunity for us because we can have fun and create good friendship. The day started off pretty slippery but I was still looking forward to do camp activities.
This camp we had was at our own school and it was on Monday the 16th of March.

There was a camp that I got put in for the rest of our camp. My group was called the Respectable and our leader was Joshua and Hossanah. Every activity we did, our group seem to work as a team and cheer people on when they were having trouble at something.

The first activity we did on the day was kayaking. Kayaking was one of the activity I was looking forward to do at camp. As soon as we got there the first thing Mr Burt told to do was put on our life jackets just to keep us safe just in case we tip over. When we got told to go on a kayak boat I didn’t have one so I went with Mr Mulloy on his little boat. I had a good time riding on the boat because it was quiet fast. I was laughing because water was splashing on my face when the boat was going and I was very soaked up when we were back at land.

The camp concert was my favourite thing I like at camp. We were ready to perform to adult on Tuesday night and I was excited. When the night came I was ready to perform with my group. Our group was the third to last group to perform in the concert. Our dance we did was the crocodile dance. When we finished our performance we went back at sat down because it was time for another group. At the end of the concert it was time for the jurguers to pronounced the places. When the jurguers said our name they said I group were 5th place. We were proud of what we did on the stag.

I can’t wait to CAMPING Next Year!!!.