Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Maths DLO. Add/Sub Year 8 Strategy 1

2.44 + 3.09 =

What I did to solve this problem was I subtracted .09 from the 3.09 to make a tidy whole number. So the 3.09 becomes a 3, then I move on to 2.44 and add the .09 that I took away from the 3.09 and the 2.44 becomes 2.53 and when I add the 2.53 and 3 altogether I have a total answer of 5.53

Michael Jordan DLO.

W,K,S DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

   The purpose of our DLO was to show the awesomeness of Michael Jordan. We were trying to achieve the maximum potential with a movie about  Michael Jordan when he did the free throw line dunk in a slam dunk competition.

   Positives was we finished our DLO on time, did a animation of Michael Jordan doing a slam dunk and Waata having a clear voice when doing the voice over. One positive was that we really worked well together when we had to finish the animation. We were proud of our DLO but we think we could've done better.

   There were quite a few things that we needed to work on to improve our movie. What let us down was that we didn't have enough details in our animation. The part where Michael Jordan was going for the slam dunk was a little too slow, and the time being animated in the background was too slow. We had different sized people (not in proportion). Last but not least we would've made it better by talking a bit more about the actual event which was about Michael Jordan doing the slam dunk.

  We had some interesting things with our DLO that we were happy about. The interesting was we showed the awards that he achieved in the sport of basketball. Another thing was that we had a mixture of animation, images and a video clip of Michael Jordan doing a free throw line dunk.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Maths DLO #2

For maths I am creating a DLO that shows that I understand my group strategy and that I am ready to move on.

   The question is. There are 563 sweets which need to be shared equally between 7 jars. What is the maximum number of sweets that can be placed in every jar ?

How many jellybean's will be left over ?...
So to start off I say how many times does 7 go into 5 which is 0, then I move on and ask myself how many times does 7 go into 56, well I already know that it is 8 because 7x8 is 56 so I put down 8 and move on. Last but not I figure out how many times does 7 go into 3 which is 2 because 3x2 is 6 with 1 left over and I use the 1 left over as a remainder.

   So the total answer I came up with was 82 r1.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rainbow Warriors.

One breezy night while the Greenpeace activists were celebrating a birthday party, underneath the ship were two suspicious spies planting 2 limpet bombs. Suddenly out of nowhere boom ! the Rainbow Warrior ship was completely filled with water as it tilt to one side which killed 1 crew member.

   The french spies chose to explode the Rainbow Warrior so they can stop protesting about the nuclear testing. It was the french government that ordered these two spies to go on a mission on an undercover operation to plant the limpet bombs in the Rainbow Warrior boat.

   In French Polynesia, France was testing their nuclear weapons in Tahiti and New Caledonia to see how they worked and the various conditions. When they were testing the them the radiation of the nuclear bombs were effecting the people around that area by getting cancer.

My Maths DLO 2013.

 I am going to explain to you a quick strategy of what I’m thinking about this word problem. As you can see it say’s that 6 people need 24 marbles to play a game at school. How many marbles will be needed if 8 people play the game?.

 Well my strategy to solve this problem is to draw a line on a piece of paper and write people on top which equals to 6 and marbles on the bottom of the line which equals to 24, so then it becomes 6/24 and on the other side of the line put down 8 with an question mark because that’s the second question which is how many marbles will be needed if 8 people play the game?.
   Then I figure out what times 6 to get 24 which is 4 then times 4 again to the 8 on the other side to get a denominator which is 32.

   So the final answer for how many marbles will be needed if 8 people play the game is 32 marbles.