Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rainbow Warriors.

One breezy night while the Greenpeace activists were celebrating a birthday party, underneath the ship were two suspicious spies planting 2 limpet bombs. Suddenly out of nowhere boom ! the Rainbow Warrior ship was completely filled with water as it tilt to one side which killed 1 crew member.

   The french spies chose to explode the Rainbow Warrior so they can stop protesting about the nuclear testing. It was the french government that ordered these two spies to go on a mission on an undercover operation to plant the limpet bombs in the Rainbow Warrior boat.

   In French Polynesia, France was testing their nuclear weapons in Tahiti and New Caledonia to see how they worked and the various conditions. When they were testing the them the radiation of the nuclear bombs were effecting the people around that area by getting cancer.

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Tes Taliauli said...

Hi Samuela,
I enjoyed reading your writing on the Rainbow Warrior. You were able to tell me what happened and also provided a bit of background to why it happened. Keep up the good work.