Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Character Description About Waata.

Waata is not tall, he’s also not short. He’s just right and quite round. He has short hair that is quiet similar as Sonny Bill Williams. He is kind of fat with a big build, but in time, he hopes to get rid of his quarter pounder meaning flabs and get a 6 pack upgrade.
Waata is a caring guy and likes to help little kids when they are in trouble. He is a funny person to be around because he is jolly happy most of the time, but if you make him angry he would RUMBLE at you as if your his arch enemy and I bet it would quiet frightening and scary. The thing I like about hanging around with Waata is hearing his funny jokes and have good a laughter. He shows he is really intelligent by playing very well in his league club.
The thing Waata likes to do is play on his PS3 console with his older brother, also he likes doing sports like playing touch with his neighbours around his hood. Another thing Waata likes to do is play his favourite sport, rugby league. It is his favourite sport because he plays for Ellerslie Eagles and he has played for a pretty long time.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crusaders VS Hurricanes 2013.

Both teams, Crusader and the Hurricanes getting ready to give it their best in front of millions of fans. It was an important game for the Hurricanes skipper Conrad Smith because it was a home game for them and it was a must win to make their fans proud including me because I support the Hurricanes on that night. It was going to be a clash of the fall between these two  Super 15 teams. Finally time has come as the two fierce looking teams ready to run out of the tunnel. Flags were been raised high in the air when the two teams came out.

Now it was time to get into a game of footy for what the crowd came to see. The crowd was excited because now it was game time. This is going to be a clash and a battle to death as the Crusaders take on head to head against the Wellington Hurricanes.

It was a fantastic game  try after try between both teams as the supports were nail biting hoping to see the team they bet on won. As the game carried on I was getting angry because the Hurricanes always knocked on the ball and it was very frustrating.

One the second half I was too glad to see the Hurricanes carve up meaning they managed to put together and scored tries. It wasn’t enough tries for the Hurricanes to get back in the lead so they kept on battling. With 10 minutes left of the game the Hurricanes were behind the Crusaders  22 to 28.

It was game that came down to the wire. I felt stink because with 5 minutes left Crusaders were attacking and I for me I thought to myself Hurricanes were going to lose. Crusaders were hanging in there to keep the ball alive until the end of the game to take the victory, until five eighth Dan Carter went to pass the ball to fullback Israel Dagg, and out of nowhere the winger for Hurricanes Alapati Leiua intercepted that ball from the 40 meter mark and sprinted and scored under the post.

I was so relieved when Hurricanes scored that wonderful try.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Simile And Metaphor.

As you can see Tana, Lave, Dillon and I made a little presentation about Similes and Metaphors. Hope you enjoy our little presentation.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Show Not Tell.

I was sweating, the drips falling down my face as if it was raining. I felt like I was in a BBQ    being sizzled like a steak. The temperature was so high that my skin was starting to peel off slowly also getting boiled up from the steaming sun. Steaming like a train running on the track every hour every second of the day. Can’t stand the heat I could  just dip my body into freezing water.

Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Writing Test.

This morning we all completed our first Writing sample for 2013. I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given, so that throughout this year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my Writing. I will post me learning goals from this soon.

Title: The Lost Lunch Box..

One rainy morning Sarah and Dan were going to make their debut at a primary school called Beach Bay Primary, not far from where they had lived. Arriving at the school Dan said “I am so keen to start as a new entrance to meet and make good friendship with others”, then Sarah replied “Oh that's wonderful Dan, I’m so looking forward for this new school too. I’m sure will have a great and fun year !”, “You bet” said Dan.

Kisses on both cheeks of Sarah and Dan's mother, Rachel as she was yelling from great distance “HAVE A GREAT DAY” ! to Sarah and Dan as they were heading towards the front gate. As quickly as they could, Dan and Sarah was sprinting as if they were competing in a 100 meter run, running to see their new school.

During school Dan and Sarah were having a fabulous time meeting new people and making good friendship. As soon as the bell rang for interval, Dan and Sarah went out to the hall way to get their morning tea. As Sarah opened her bag she noticed that something was gone missing, it was her lunch box. She asked Dan “Dan have you seen my lunch box ?” Dan replied “no, whys that ?” Then Sarah spoke up in a very firmly toned voice “Because its gone missing !” Suddenly Dan was filled up with such anger when Sarah said her lunch box was missing.

It was a huge problem for Sarah because from now and then she had nothing to eat. Then Dan asked the teacher if she saw a pink lunch box, then the teacher “Sorry Dan no I haven’t seen a pink lunch box but I’ll help you get some lunch for Sarah to eat until we find her lunch box”. So the teacher Miss Helen went to the office and asked for a chicken roll and a milkshake for Sarah.

Sarah was pleased and happy eating her morning from Miss Helen. “Thank you !” Miss Helen as Dan and Sarah said to Miss Helen in a thankful voice. It “OK !” replied Miss Helen.