Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Character Description About Waata.

Waata is not tall, he’s also not short. He’s just right and quite round. He has short hair that is quiet similar as Sonny Bill Williams. He is kind of fat with a big build, but in time, he hopes to get rid of his quarter pounder meaning flabs and get a 6 pack upgrade.
Waata is a caring guy and likes to help little kids when they are in trouble. He is a funny person to be around because he is jolly happy most of the time, but if you make him angry he would RUMBLE at you as if your his arch enemy and I bet it would quiet frightening and scary. The thing I like about hanging around with Waata is hearing his funny jokes and have good a laughter. He shows he is really intelligent by playing very well in his league club.
The thing Waata likes to do is play on his PS3 console with his older brother, also he likes doing sports like playing touch with his neighbours around his hood. Another thing Waata likes to do is play his favourite sport, rugby league. It is his favourite sport because he plays for Ellerslie Eagles and he has played for a pretty long time.


Waata said...

Hi Samuela,

You really did a good description on me. I like hanging out with you because you make me laugh aswell. I should do a description of you.

From your Friend Waata

Lave said...

sup Samuela,
I like your character description on Waata I like how you say he is a funny person witch he is a funny person