Monday, December 10, 2012

My Netbook Reflection.

This year I am a year 7 at Pt England School and I have had my Netbook for about 3 years. My positive thing is that I am very pleased to have netbooks because for me it is much easier to do my subject in school. The most easiest subject for me to do in my netbook is writing because it is much faster to type rather than writing in a book and using a pencil for hours and hours.

   My netbook has really helped me for my learning. I do my writing, maths and reading on my little device. I have become a better speller and have improved in my maths, but still improving in my reading. It has helped me alot because of the sites on the net that I can go on like maths whizz, xtramaths and studyladder. Another thing is that I can go onto the net and do some research if I need a piece of information to help me.

   I would never go back to paper and pencil old school style. The reason why I would not go back to paper and pencil because it is boring writing for hours and it doesn’t have an auto speller to correct my spelling if it wrong, and it much easier for the teachers because they could just go on the teachers dashboard to look at your work and what have you improved instead of handing in the writing books.