Friday, May 31, 2013

Rewena Bug.

Here’s a link for more information.

-1 medium sliced potato
-2 cups of flour                
-1 teaspoon of sugar
-lukewarm water, on hand

Step 1.

Slice medium potato and put it in a pot with 1 cup of water, when boiling, put lid and leave until cooked.

Step 2.

Our class, room 22 are studying the Rewena bread and the bug. To make a rewena bread you have to grow or make a bug. I bet you your thinking about a bug in your garden, well no. I will be explaining to you how to make one. We have found this awesome site called curious kai, which will tell us how to make a Rewena bread. Thanks to curious kai’s recipe.

The Ingredients you will need is:
-1 medium sliced potato
-2 cups of flour
-1 teaspoon of sugar
-lukewarm water, on hand/ if you dont no what lukewarm means, it means warm water. ex: babies bath water should be lukewarm.

The first step to making a bug you have to slice your potato and put it in a pot with one cup of water, when boiling put a lid over it and leave it until the potato is cooked. Leave it in a pot until it’s warm and don't empty the water. Mash it all up. Step 2 add your 2 cups and 1 teaspoon of flour and sugar after mashed and warm. Mix until it's all combined like a pancake type of texture. If the mixture gets dry add warm water. Lumps are going to appear but don't worry because they disappear later on. Pour your mix into really clean big enough jar making sure theres enough space for it rise like a cake as you cover with a lid loosely. Store into a warm dry place. After a day or so it will need to have something to eat so put in a teaspoon of sugar and a half of cup of warm water. Once it starts to rise its time to make your bread.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Huge Tornado In Oklahoma.

On Tuesday the 20th a massive tornado hit the US in the city of Oklahoma City. Many residents that lived in Oklahoma city didn't expect this Tornado to happen. This Tornado was 1.6km wide when it hit this city and destroyed many homes. This Tornado was so dangerous that 145 people were injured including 70 children. I chose to write about this article because I was interested in how big this Tornado was.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Explain Ready Task, Dehydration.

Will.I.Am Story.

Our school is full of guesses wondering who is coming to give us and all the other Manaiakalani cluster schools a koha. I really hate guesses but I think it is going to be Stan Walker or Mr tall Jacobson. The reason why I thought it was Stan Walker and Mr Jacobson is because our principal said that it was someone good at singing and that inspires singing. But as soon as I saw all of the cameras I knew it wasn't Mr J or Stan and knew straight away it was someone really famous.

Waiting and waiting for this celebrity that we thought was coming, we were surrounded with media cameras in every directions.

Full with excitement hearing that a famous singer was coming to donate us this big koha. “It was my lucky day” I thought. Sitting there thinking to myself, who could it be ?... But the first singer that popped into my mind, that I thought was coming was Asap Rocky.

Suddenly Mr Burt was ready to announce who this celeb was going to be.  As soon as he pronounced he was a one of the Black Eye Peas Band, straight away I clicked in my head it was going to be Will. I. Am.

Filled with happiness as Will.I.Am set foot in our school hall, crowded with Pt England students. Will.I.Am said he was going to give us a koha to help out the manaikalani cluster with our education. We were surprised when he said he was going to give us a 100,000 dollar check.