Friday, September 30, 2011

Warriors Getting Ready Play Manly Sea Eagles In The Grand Final.

There is going to be a clash happening on the 2nd of October in ANZ Stadium in Sydney. Do you know what is going to happen? well let me tell you, the mighty Warriors are playing against the fierce Manly Sea Eagles in the Grand Final and can't wait to watch the game. It is going to a battle to the end against these two awesome rugby league teams.
My favourite player for the Warriors is Krisnan Inu because he is a very awesome player to watch in solid action. What Krisnan Inu does the best when he plays is scoring and setting up tries for his team mates. Who's your favourite player? I can't wait to see Krisnan Inu play hard for his team.
Which team do you think is going to score first, warriors or Manly? Well I think it is going to be the Warriors. The first person for the Warriors to get the score is... Krisnan Inu and he is going to get it by Shawn Johnson kicking it up in the air. I think from Manly Jamey lion is going to pick up the first try for his team.
I just hope that the Warriors take out the Grand Final. I just support Warriors for the Grand Final, but my favourite team for NRL was Broncos but they are already eliminated out of the comp. Who do you think is going to take it out?

Samoa's Story Behind The Flag.

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the Samoan flag, I am going to explain it to you about it. The red represents courage. The blue stands for freedom and the white represents purity. The stars on the Samoan flag symbolize the moonlight, and the colours date back to the 19th century. The stars represents 5 different places and that is Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typing Tutor 20 Words Per Minutes.

This is a certificate from Typing Tutor and it is 20 words per minutes on the lesson F and J. I really enjoy Typing Tutor because every time I practise I get better at it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Badminton Story..

BADMINTON!, a game to be interested in!! Have you ever played Badminton before? well let me tell you, you can enjoy badminton with your friends or family.
Badminton is always about skills and having fun. Having to know all the skills of badminton is much easier for you to play. One of the main trick hits for the game is are backhand and a forehand. You can only use a backhand when the shuttle is on the left side, and a forehand is when you hit the shuttle on the right side.
Ready to test our badminton skills knowledge I was excited because I couldn't wait to play. When I was ready to practise I said to Starford that I could do it. As soon as I tried to hit the shuttle I missed and I was starting to struggle, struggle, struggle, struggle.
It was time for us to play the real game of badminton. We had to divied up into two even teams so we can have a brilliant game. As soon as I got on the courts my partner was Crusader and he was really talented. As my partner served the shuttle Crusader and I were waiting for our oppoinment Kitiona and Ahsin to hit it back to us. Waiting for the shuttle as it showed up in the air I shouted “mine” as I ran to hit it. I missed that shot because I thought the shuttle was coming towards my racket but it was coming on the side of me, it was time for me to do a backhand hit but I was to late and to slow to hit it so I walked away from the courts and went to the back of the line because I was out.
My goal was to try to hit the shuttle on time. I didn’t achieve my goal but I think next time I can achieve it. Do you have a goal for badminton?

I hope I could be a master badminton player next time!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Zealand vs Tonga.

Tonight there is going to be a exciting ceremony in Eden Park for the opening of the World Cup. After the opening there is going to be a rugby game and it is going to be interesting because Tonga and New Zealand is going to battle against each other. If you haven’t been to a rugby ceremony I think you a missing out on a huge opportunity of going there.

I can’t wait until the game because supporting my team is one of my favourite things. I re am prepared to watch the game with my friends and family and support Tonga. I hope they can have a fun time playing rugby and playing fair. Are you ready to support your team?

My favourite player that plays for Tonga is Hufanga because he is so talented. The position he plays in center and he plays very good in that standing. I like him because he is always staying focus on the game. The exciting thing of watching this guy play is when he does interception. Do you have a favourite player for each team?

I hope I could just be like Hufanga!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Story Behind The Argentina Flag.

Just imagine how nice it would be spending your time in the beautiful place of Argentina. I am going to tell you about the story behind their flag. The sun means the Sun of May, that is to say the bright sun in the sky.The blue lines represents parting to reveal the white clouds in the air. Parting to reveal the white clouds sounds interesting to me because it reminds me I would enjoy swimming in the wonderful calm water at the beach in Summer time.

Typing Tutor.

On the web site Typing Tutor I have completed a lesson called r and o and it was quiet hard. I really enjoyed because when I practise typing tutor it helps me to get better at typing when I grow up. Next time my goal is to try complete another lesson

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All About Me.

Ciao, My name is Samuela and I am a year 6 student in room 18, my teacher is Mr Barks and he is really awesome to have as a teacher. I come from the country of Tonga. I go to Point England School in Auckland, New Zealand. I am getting ready to attend intermediate school and I can’t wait. My favourite thing of doing at school is playing rugby with my friends out on the field. My favourite rugby league team is Brisbane Broncos and they are coming second on the NRL ladder. I play for the Marist Rugby Club Glenn Innes, Panmure. My favourite subject at school is math because I really like learning about new stradigies and numbers.