Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All About Me.

Ciao, My name is Samuela and I am a year 6 student in room 18, my teacher is Mr Barks and he is really awesome to have as a teacher. I come from the country of Tonga. I go to Point England School in Auckland, New Zealand. I am getting ready to attend intermediate school and I can’t wait. My favourite thing of doing at school is playing rugby with my friends out on the field. My favourite rugby league team is Brisbane Broncos and they are coming second on the NRL ladder. I play for the Marist Rugby Club Glenn Innes, Panmure. My favourite subject at school is math because I really like learning about new stradigies and numbers.


Starford said...

Hey Samuela,
Great writing about you Sam.It sounds like something I would really want to read. But there was some sentences don't make sense. Keep up the great work!!!!

Onosai said...

WOW! Samuela great work about yourself and about your learning and were you come from.That writing was amazing.Fix up the fullstops.Keep up the great work.

Kane said...

Hey Sam that was a great writing you did your writing is fantastic but fix up the fullstop. Keep up the great work bye