Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Badminton Story..

BADMINTON!, a game to be interested in!! Have you ever played Badminton before? well let me tell you, you can enjoy badminton with your friends or family.
Badminton is always about skills and having fun. Having to know all the skills of badminton is much easier for you to play. One of the main trick hits for the game is are backhand and a forehand. You can only use a backhand when the shuttle is on the left side, and a forehand is when you hit the shuttle on the right side.
Ready to test our badminton skills knowledge I was excited because I couldn't wait to play. When I was ready to practise I said to Starford that I could do it. As soon as I tried to hit the shuttle I missed and I was starting to struggle, struggle, struggle, struggle.
It was time for us to play the real game of badminton. We had to divied up into two even teams so we can have a brilliant game. As soon as I got on the courts my partner was Crusader and he was really talented. As my partner served the shuttle Crusader and I were waiting for our oppoinment Kitiona and Ahsin to hit it back to us. Waiting for the shuttle as it showed up in the air I shouted “mine” as I ran to hit it. I missed that shot because I thought the shuttle was coming towards my racket but it was coming on the side of me, it was time for me to do a backhand hit but I was to late and to slow to hit it so I walked away from the courts and went to the back of the line because I was out.
My goal was to try to hit the shuttle on time. I didn’t achieve my goal but I think next time I can achieve it. Do you have a goal for badminton?

I hope I could be a master badminton player next time!!


Dillon said...

Hi Samuela I like badminton too. I struggled but I picked it up. I think I was pretty good but to find out I want to challenge you. Looking forward to your next post.

patrick peihopa said...

Hi Samuela I like your badminton story. You and I should have a challenge some time. Looking forward to your next post.