Monday, September 12, 2011

New Zealand vs Tonga.

Tonight there is going to be a exciting ceremony in Eden Park for the opening of the World Cup. After the opening there is going to be a rugby game and it is going to be interesting because Tonga and New Zealand is going to battle against each other. If you haven’t been to a rugby ceremony I think you a missing out on a huge opportunity of going there.

I can’t wait until the game because supporting my team is one of my favourite things. I re am prepared to watch the game with my friends and family and support Tonga. I hope they can have a fun time playing rugby and playing fair. Are you ready to support your team?

My favourite player that plays for Tonga is Hufanga because he is so talented. The position he plays in center and he plays very good in that standing. I like him because he is always staying focus on the game. The exciting thing of watching this guy play is when he does interception. Do you have a favourite player for each team?

I hope I could just be like Hufanga!!!


Darius L said...

Hi Samuela,

I think that you have done a fantastic job in writing about Tonga vs New Zealand. But personally I go for the All Blacks and my favorite player is Ma'a Nonu and GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!

Jesiah T said...

Hi Samuela You done a great job of writing about Tonga vs New Zealand. Your story is interesting it just want to make me want to read it. But keep up the good job. But GO the ALL BLACKS!!!!!

Kane said...

Wow that was a fantastic piece of writing you did. Who do you go for? I go for the All Black. And my favorite player is Ma'a Nonu and Keep up the great work bye