Monday, August 29, 2011

The West Edmonton Mall.

The West Edmonton Mall is located in the west of Canada. This mall is one of the largest mall in the world and it is really huge. Do you hope you could visit there some day? Let me tell you I haven't been there but I wish I was there to have fun with my mates and family.

In this mall there are about 45 buildings attacted to this homages mall. It is that big that it can take you 3 days to tour around the whole mall. There are about 22 million people that visit this mall every time in a year and that is a lot of people.

If I was to go to the mall the places that I will go to is the galaxy land, swimming pool and the Roll Coaster. Visiting there will be amazing because you could enjoy with your mates and family and do heaps and heaps of exciting things. Do you wish you were there?

Just imagine how awesome it will be spending your time at the mall.

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