Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook reflection 2013.

 Having this opportunity with my netbook has been significant this year. Connecting to the internet has helped me a lot because it makes things easy to access. This learning tool has also helped me improve in my subjects, especially in maths. Xtramath has got me far in terms of my basic facts. Xtramath?.... If you don’t know what that is, it is a maths programme that can help you gain confidence in your quick basic facts. The fastest time that the question’s will appear on your screen is 1.5 seconds. Without connection I wouldn'’t be able to access maths programme’s and improve in them.

   Math whizz is another math programme that helps me see which things in maths I understand and what I don’t understand. My teacher has made a next step presentation for every student in the class to help them if they are stuck and need strategies. But it is my responsibility to go on and follow the links if I want to accelerate and learn these new strategies.

   Out of class I really love going on rugby sites and just read information about a rugby team or a rugby player. I go on rugby sites because I love playing sport and grew up playing rugby.     

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Dorothy said...

This is an awesome reflection Samuela. I have been watching you learn online since you were in Mrs She's class in Year 2 and you have been a role model to others.

Mrs Burt