Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Vincent Van Gogh was born is March 30th 1853, Groot-z Undert, near breda, Netherlands.
Vincent Van Gogh was a dutch painter. He was also one of the most famous painters in world history. This is my version of the famous sunflower painting's, the techniques that we had to use to paint the sunflower was small rapid rough brush strokes and try blend the colour in to make it look contrast. At the end of the product we were all overwhelm of what we produced and I was very proud of it.


Crusader said...

Hey Samuela
This post is about Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings was great. I love your artwork that you put together. I tried using his techniques as well, and it is very fun to do. Keep up the great work that you are doing Samuela.


Samuela said...

Hey Crusader,
Thanks alot for posting a nice comment on my blog. I really appreciate it mate. I hope I can see your next blog post and post a comment on it.

Keep up the awesome work.