Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kiwi Kick.

Finally!!!, it was our opportunity to go out and enjoy a game of AFL (Australian Football League). Filled with excitement as I was looking forward to play the game, unfortunately we had to learn some basic skills, BORING. It was boring for me because I was really looking forward to get straight into a game of footy. Before getting started with the game.  There were two awesome professional coaches that came to teach us. One called Sam (nickname Sandwich) and the other was Mike. After they introduced themself we had to go over a few reminders about the rules from last year.
Finally it was time to play a little game. The game was called Still tag. Still tag is a game about strategy and eyesight because you need to watch for your master to be tagged so you can run again. It was my favourite thing of the Kiwi Kick session.
Even though I am not an AFL fan I still enjoy playing AFL, because sport for me is awesome and fun. After our warm up game we were getting ready to play cat and mouse. The whole point of the game was if Sam blew his whistle and called out mouse then the cat have to try catch them and the mouse have to try getaway.  If he calls out cat it will be the same. Once Sam blew the whistle and said cat I quickly dashed off and tried get over the line before my enemy tagged me. It was funny because I would always run away from my partner and my partner will always complain.

I had a good experience learning the sports of AFL. I hope next time we could have some more fun!!.

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