Thursday, May 31, 2012

Character Description.

Tall like a tree my wonderful teacher Mrs Nua has blond hair. She has a nice smile on her face every day... But if you do something bad you will see the beast unleashed on the spot. Although Mrs Nua gets angry sometimes she is a wonderful teacher.
Mrs Nua is thoughtful and funny. She likes teaching us new things every day and she does it with laughter and makes it fun not BORING!. But  If you talk and don’t get your work finished you will get the eyes of doom! straight away.
Mrs Nua has coached a variety of netball teams. Mrs Nua should be a netball player herself because she is so  good at that sport. I don’t really like the sport netball but even when Mrs Nua is  teaching her netball, I noticed that she l teams she looks like she wants to play with them on the court.
Even though Mrs Nua growls us sometimes she still gives us the luxury of playing games. I like playing games with Mrs Nua because we get to play a variety of games. When we don’t listen to Mrs Nua we get the big eyes at us and the others laugh when it happens.

This is just a practise of my character description, next time you will be ready to see my real one coming up.

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