Friday, May 18, 2012

Kiwi Kick.

On a sunny Thursday, room 22 and room 20 went out to learn about Kiwi kick or AFL ( Australian Football League)  where we learn how to play an awesome game and also how to do awesome kicks.

When we arrived to the courts we saw two guys that  were as tall as a tree one of their names were Sam ( Nickname Sandwich)  and the other guys name was Mike, after they had introduced  themselves we had to go over a few reminders about the previous time we had them.

After the reminders we got straight into but first we had a little game just to warm up our legs, the game was called in still tag, the instructions were : Tag anyone, but if you get tagged you have to sit down and watch their every move so when they get tagged you can get back up.

Soon after the game had finished and we were all warmed up, ready to learn new accurate kicking skills, after Sam and Mike talked about the basic skills they had told us to get into partners, each partner had a name I was named the Polar Bear and my partner was named a Penguin.

After a lot of fun kicking the ball around, we got put to the test by Sam and Mike, we had a little challenge between The Penguins vs The Polar Bears, we had to see who is the best kicking skills. The Penguins were the first team up they were pretty good but good enough it was The Polar Bears turn I was Everybody kicked the ball including with luck I managed to curve the ball and hit the pole and with that we had won.

We had beat the Penguins 12 to 16 making The Polar Bears the best, what a awesome day at kiwi kick, “I can't wait until next week.” I told my friends.

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