Friday, November 25, 2011

The Amazing Adventure To Camp Bentzon.

Camp Bentzon the best camp site ever!!. Getting to the island was a long journey for us to start our camp off. We had to travel by bus to Sand spit and it toke us about 90 minutes to get there. While we were there we were waiting for a few minutes until the ferry was ready for us to hop on board.

Sailing a water activity I mostly enjoyed with my group mates at camp. On my first go at sailing I didn’t know how to sail properly because it was the first time for me to start sailing. Before we were ready to get on our sail boat Peter the sailor instructor gave us some basic things to do while we our out enjoying our sailing. 1, when you are sitting on the boat you have to face your back to where the wind is coming from. I was a solar sailor which means sailing by your self. There was one thing I had trouble with and that was tipping over on my sail. Even though I didn’t know how to sail, I still enjoyed it.

Orientering a game that just amazed me!!. Walking in the woods trying to find the letters was just awesome because to me it was just like hiking the big hills. It took us about 20 to 25 minutes max to figure out the whole word for the game. At the end our group unscrambled the word and the word was four things that go on water that had something to do with camp.. The four things was raft, diggey, optimise and kayaking. Our team was really happy that we unscrambled the words because it was a really challenging game.

Swimming at camp was nice because the weather at Kauwau was a bit hot and we deserved the swim. It was really fun swimming with my friends because jumping off the pontoon together and doing silly faces was excellent. It was so fun that I wanted to stay in the water for a bit longer but I couldn't. Do you love swimming...?

I was hoping to stay at Kauwau Island for a few more days.

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Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Samuela,

I've been to Camp Bentzon before its quite awesome up there, I have to say I prefer kayaking to sailing, it's hard work but you have more control.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun up there, even after the long trip.

great piece of writing :)

Have fun and keep writing :)