Monday, November 14, 2011

Can't To Go Camp Benzon.

There is going to be a FANTASTIC! trip to a Island that the year 6’s in Pt England School is going to. Do you know which Island we are going to? Well let me tell you it is........ Kawau Island and I am so excited.

I am so fulled up with excitements because I am looking forward to visit this Island. Waiting for the big day on the 15, of November 2011 which is tomorrow is so awesome for me. Can’t you wait for the big day to come?

There are some things that I am hoping to do at Camp Benzon. 1, getting to hiking the high mountains every day. 2, playing rugby and football and 3 sailing with my friend to survivor Island and doing some fun activities there.

Doing the amazing activities and enjoying it with your friends will be up to the weather because if it raining we might be doing less games. If it sunny is will be just a awesome time spending at the island and enjoying. I hope the 4 days that we are there it would just be beautiful and sunny.

Camp Benzon sounds awesome and I can't wait to be there.

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