Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Netbook Reflection.

There are many reasons to why I really enjoy having to work with a netbook because using pencil and paper was cool but I didn’t really like writing with pencil because it was quiet slow to write. It is much faster using a laptop because all you have to do is press a letter on your key pad and it will type for you on your little screen in front of you. I like the fact if you can’t go on any web site on the net there will be a backup system on your netbook.

There are few reasons of dislikes of using my netbook and it has to do with problems. What I didn’t like about my netbook is sometimes it just doesn’t function properly and it plays up alot. Another problem was if I try to go on a web site it will freeze and load for long at the same time and I just get sick of it. Sometimes when I try to load up Firefox it takes for long and by the time it loads, there is 3 Firefox logos on top of my tool bar and I find it frustrating.

As we started to get our device there was a big different because it seem much easier for me to do my subjects. I think I have experience more things like improving in my maths and my writing by using this device. I find it easy to do my work on my laptop because when you do a mistake on your device you could just delete it, but if it on paper it will be hard to try erase it and it won’t look that neat. My other reason is that Study ladder as been building up my comprehension as well as Math whizz and that is cool because I’ve always been a guy that kinds of struggles and maths.

The biggest challenge for me having a netbook was trying not to get my laptop damaged at all. Definitely my other challenge was trying to charge my own without my mother doing it for me.

If the Netbook Scheme failed it would be very boring because it would be back to old school paper and pencil. It will be quiet hard to post interesting projects and presentation on our blogs if the netbook scheme failed and we won’t be having our own device to use during schools hours. I will very miss my laptop if the scheme failed because for me it manly helped me very much with my learning at school.

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