Friday, October 28, 2011

RWC Final 2011.

Rugby World Cup Final 2011!! Who would thought these 2 top rugby teams would make it to the Grand Final by having a long journey against 20 other teams. They were going to battle for the shiny golden cup... the William Webb Elise. This game was located in a Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand called Eden Park. Do you have any ideas who were the 2 teams in the Grand? Well let me tell you.... it was the hard breaking team France, and the mighty All Blacks.

The New Zealand side were ready to sing their National Anthem to the crowd and to the whole country of NZ. They were standing tall and proud because they wanted to do it for their supporters and for their family. It was a beautiful National Anthem because the All Blacks fans were singing together with the team. After a few minutes it was time for France to sing their National Anthem and they did the same thing the All Blacks did.

It was time for one of the best event of the games. Do you know what this event this is? It is called the HAKA and the All Blacks were going to perform their haka called the Kappa O Pango. As they were performing it, they did it with pride and with confidant and I think the best player that performed the haka best was Piri Weepu. While the All Blacks were doing the haka the French team were holding hands and moving up on the All Blacks. I thought what they were doing was a tradition thing.

The crowd was going WILD because it was time for the best thing the fans came to watch at Eden Park, the kick off. It was the All Blacks job to start off the Grand Final of RWC 2011, and it was Arron Cruden that had to kick off. As they kicked it the French team were giving it all they had because they wanted to travel home with the golden cup. It was a battle to the end against these two awesome rugby team that just wanted 1 thing they came after.

Suddenly the Stadium was just to wild because on the 15 minute the prop from the All Blacks Tony Woodcock just scored against the French team. They got that try by a tremendous line out from Kevin Mealamu just threw to Brand Thorn and from Thorn to Woodcock.

1 minute remaining the All Blacks fans were just starting to nail bite because they all thought the mighty AB were going to lose. As the time started to lesser and lesser the All Blacks fans were cheering because they knew New Zealand is going to take this comp out. As the final whistle blew the All Blacks were just happy and amazed that they won the cup.

Who wouldn't have thought the All Blacks had won by just 1 point.


Anonymous said...

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Melvin said...

Hi Samuela

I loved the rugby world didn't you I think your writing is pretty impressive I hope the Mighty All Blacks win 2015 and the won in 24 years.

Thanks for the retell of the final