Tuesday, October 4, 2011

France v Tonga.

There was a awesome clash against Tonga and France on the 1st of October in the 2011 Rugby World Cup and was located in Wellington. Did you watch this clash? Well let me tell you I really enjoyed watching it with my friends.

As the two teams came walking through the tunnel they were prepared to sing their National Anthem. When Tonga was singing their National Anthem they were standing tall and proud because they wanted to do it for their country and for their supporters. After a few minutes it was time for France to sing their National Anthem. As they were singing it they did the same thing as Tonga did, standing tall and proud, and doing it for their supporter, and for their country.

It was time for one of the best thing of the game, and Tonga were getting ready to perform it with pride. Do you have any ideas what the Tongan team were going to do? Well they were going to do the HAKA!! and the Tongan haka is called the Sipi Tau. The hooker for Tonga Aleki Lutui was the person who was leading the Sipi Tau. When it was time for them to do the actions the Tongan supporters were going loud and wild. The players were showing confidant and pride as they were doing the haka.

As the France team were standing in their position their first five were getting ready to kick off because the game was about to start. When they kicked it off the Tongan players were running so hard to try scoring a try but the French defence was on fire. It was a exciting match watching France and Tonga to see which team was going to score first. It was a battle to the end against these two awesome teams.

n the 30th minute the first five for Tonga Kurt Morath kicked it to the right side winger Sukanaivalu Hufanga and he catches the ball and went for the try. While Hufanger was going for the try there was a France player Julien Bonnaire ready to tackle Him but sadly he missed the tackle and the Hufanger was on his way to score in the corner. When the winger got that try the supporters were very happy and the coach as well.

On the 79 minutes the forward pack for France just got over the line, but it was to late because Tonga was still leading. When the game was finish Tonga got the victory over France 19 - 14 and the coach was very proud of them because Tonga beat France in Rugby World Cup history.

I didn't think Tonga will win over France.

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