Monday, August 9, 2010

Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal in 1480. Magellan disagreed with the government of portugal because he hated them so much that he went to Spain. Ferdinand went to Spain and asked the king for money and a boat so much that the king gave him a boat called Victoria. He needed the boat to travel south west because of the dangerous Portugese blocking the route around Africa trying to get to Asia for trade.

Magellan went though the south Atlantic ocean down past south America and though the strait. It took Ferdinand months and months to sail through the new quiet and peaceful ocean, so he named this ocean, the Pacific ocean. His crew and his boat circumnavigated the world but Magellan was killed in a war at a place called Matacan in the Phillipines. Even though Magellan got killed, his boat the Victoria and his crew made it back to Spain and they were famous in history because they circumnavigated the earth.

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Tiphanie Owens said...

That was a really great summary of Ferdinand Magellan. I did not know who he was before reading your blog post but now I know who he is and a little bit about his life. Thank you for sharing all the information with me and others!