Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations.

Last Thursday there were some special guests who came over to our school to explain what they do and to inspire us. There were 5 guests, Mosa Mafileo, Emma Brown, Tristan Pang, Aysha Hohaia and Caine Warren. Mosa Mafileo the 18 year old inspired me the most out of all the five. His job got me very interested in because he was the Junior adviser for the Auckland Mayor Len Brown.

   My future aspiration is to become a rugby star and to be a mechanic person. The goal I would hope to achieve out of the two would be to become a rugby star but if I don’t make it my backup plan is to be a mechanic person. To achieve my goal of being a rugby star is to work hard and to be determined.

   Waata’s future aspiration is to be a game programmer  His one and only goal is to become a Video game programmer. Waata would like to work for Infinity Ward to make games like Call of Duty. He want to go to university to study computer science and mathematics. Making a game that people can enjoy and have fun on, is what I want to do for others.

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Tes Taliauli said...

Hi Samuela,
You have done a good job writing about what you got out of listening to the guest speakers. You also did a good job writing about your future aspirations are. You have identified what you have to do to get there, which was good to read. Keep up the good work.