Friday, November 30, 2012

Mt Tongariro Eruption.


It was reported by scientist that they believed Mt Ruapehu was very active to erupt, However it appeared that near the Central North Island of New zealand, Mt Tongariro erupted but it didn’t last for a period of time until it was pronounced calm.
   It was minutes away till 1:30 that Mt Tongariro had very largely bursted with such massive ashes claiming the Western Side in big DANGER. It was a miracle noticing there were no injuries, as for a group of schoolkids from Nelson Primary running for their lives as they were taking a hike up Mt Tongariro.

Most people around the Western Side near Mt Tongariro were very shocked because there were no warning with the eruption of Mt Tongariro. There was an huge ash plume shooting in the air for about three kilometres into the sky.

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