Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day Celebration..

Today is a spacial day for Mr Barks and Mrs Barks because for their country it is Canada day. It is a very important day because July the 1st, 1867 was the time that Canada became its own country. Today in Canada there is going to be a huge celebration about Canada day and I think it’s going to be awesome. The name Canada came from a Indian word called kanata and after that they started to call their country Canada and that became its name. Have you been to Canada? I haven’t, but learning about Canada and celebrating Canada is really cool because learning about it has been fun. The thing I like about Canada is learning about the wildlife. What is your favorite thing about Canada?
I wish we could learn more about the wonderful country called Canada!!!!


acole said...

Hi there. First of all I would like to say: Happy Birthday Canada!!!!!
My favorite Canadian area is Ontario, because there I spent some very nice vacations. They have some very nice areas with vacation cottages, perfect for a nice family vacation. Because today is a very important day, I'd like to share a very nice article with a piece of Canada's history:

Mr. Seaman said...

I like you post about Canada Day, Samuela. I am an old friend of Mr. Barks' from Canada, and I enjoy learning about NZ through his Facebook photos and posts. My home country Canada is amazing and we are very proud of it. Mr. Barks can tell you a lot about wildlife from firsthand experience. I don't think that anyone knew more about the woods and wildlife than his father. We used to have fun on the little farm where he grew up. Did he tell you that he used to own and ride horses? I'm happy to answer any questions that you want to know about Canada.