Friday, June 24, 2011

Spending My Day At The Pools

Starting with a huge rain on Saturday morning was pretty terrible to start my nice day out. My cousin and I were planning to head out to the pools and have a nice time there. Unfortunately we couldn't go because suddenly the rain started to pour down again. Waiting for a come back from the sun all we did was clean our room!. As soon as we finished cleaning, the beautiful yellow sun raised up in the air like a colourful hot air balloon. We were so exciting because we were ready to hit the pools. Getting ready to do a huge bomb in the pools was very awesome because I like swimming in the cold swimming pools. As I got there the first thing I did was I went to pay myself and then walk over to the boys changing rooms. When we were ready my cousin and I went to have a nice shower before we go for a swim. The time has come as I was ready to do a bomb in the pool. As I bomb in the first thing I did with my cousin was having a race to the other side of the pool. I felt board staying in the inside pool so I raced out to the slide and kind of spent my time there with some of my friends I met there. I wish some time in the weekend I could go back to the pools with my cousin and spend our time there having fun. You should check out the pools some day!.

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