Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Value Caring

Do you think you can see the value caring. That is the value I am studying this term.Do think you know what caring looks like?To me caring is helping people that really needs so much help..Is caring important to you?.I think caring is important because when you help people, it just a great thing to do.Do you think you have been caring to other people so far?.

To me I think that caring feels like it so happy because it helped someone that was hurt and he really needed such help.In a different way I think caring feels like,helping other people around your community.Caring helps us a lot because it helps us to succeed and that is really helpful.

I think that how caring sounds like is a bit tough but I am going to try my best because I think I can do it. Caring sounds like people cheering for other people because they were caring to each other around their community area.Caring for other people around your area that are really hurt is really helpful thing, because it helps them to success and that is very good.Do you want people to success.

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